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Part of the Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting family, CCH Trust US is both fiduciary tax software and tax preparation services. CCH Trust US has been used by banks, trust companies and other wealth management organizations since 2006 and CCH / Wolters Kluwer has been a leading provider of tax and accounting information to professionals since 1913.

The CCH Trust US web-based software solution is easy to use and provides a depth of detail and reporting capabilities that helps you review your client’s data and create and file tax returns quickly and easily. Used to file over 85,000 returns last year, CCH Trust US software provides speed and accuracy, combined with the ability to offer personal attention to a single document for any customer if needed. Robust import functionalities also allow for the supplementation of your Trust Accounting data whenever you need it.

The CCH Trust US team of experienced professionals also offers compliance services through the preparation and filing of tax returns, including 1099’s. With several years of experience working with large banks and national tax preparers, CCH Trust US has the background and expertise clients need to get complete, correct and timely tax reporting.

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