TNET Lite BackOffice

An affordable solution for your smaller office, start up and de novos with features right-sized for your needs.
TNET Lite BackOffice core includes:
Separation of income and principal
Open month and year-end
Transaction generators
Bulk Processing
Flexible "as of" reporting
Strong user security and audit logs
Full compliance with government agency requirements
And more...
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Scale as you grow

We offer a wide variety of add-on modules that provide additional capabilities to meet your changing requirements as your small office grows.
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TNET Lite BackOffice offers modules for: 
Asset Allocation
Check Writing
Document Imaging
NAV Calculator
Quick Query
Portfolio Modeling
And more...

Pay only for what you need

We believe you should pay only for the modules that you need. As your requirements change, you can add more modules to streamline your operations.

Phased Implementations

No consultants needed

No Installation Needed

Completely thin-client

Client Portal

Give your clients convenient online access to their accounts wherever they may be through an internet browser-based client portal.
With TNETonline, your clients can have a convenient way to: 
Review their holdings and transactions
View or print reports and historical statements
Communicate through a secure memo
Give login access to an authorized third party
Change their own passwords
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Who uses TNET Lite? 

Bank trust departments use TNET to offer trust and agency services to the community. Typical departments will have a wide variety of accounts and asset types. While most bank trust departments use an omnibus custody structure, we can also work with offices that use individually registered custody accounts.

TNET provides reporting for clients, investment managers, the IRS and examiners.
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Trust companies could offer services to a broad range of account types but are often focused on certain narrower account types so they can be efficient and profitable. We work with some trust companies that use omnibus custody structure and others that use individually registered custody accounts.

TNET provides reporting for clients, investment managers, the IRS and examiners.
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Law offices that use TNET sometimes specialize in probate work, and sometimes are serving as a multi-family office. Custody is almost always with individually registered accounts.

TNET can import transactions from a daily data feed that comes from your custodian or broker, then produce an electronic reconciliation. Once the data is in the TNET database, it can be used for reporting to clients, courts and tax preparers.
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Special Needs Trust offices use TNET to write checks, account for fund balances, and prepare reporting for clients. Most special needs trust offices use a pooled fund approach with one or more pools, each account participating in only one fund.

TNET does the accounting for the pooled fund, writes checks, does bank reconciliation and prepares statements for clients.
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Offices that start with TNET Lite BackOffice can apply 100% of their license investment to a later upgrade to the full TNET software as their firm grows. This makes it an easy choice to get started with budget-friendly software and a painless upgrade when the time is right.

Offices under $10 million under management or under 40 accounts qualify for TNET Lite BackOffice.
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Take control with greater flexibility

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