TNET FrontOffice

Innovative CRM, workflow and compliance software built specifically for trust professionals.
This all-in-one system includes:
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Workflows and account onboarding for sales
Workflows and multi level approvals for trust operations
Compliance workflows including...Reg 9/Admin review
Core accounting system integration
And more...
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Modules specifically for
wealth management

Wealth Management CRM

Robust wealth management CRM capabilities to manage and analyze customer interactions with the goal of improving business relationships with clients and COIs, assisting in client retention and driving sales growth.
Comprehensive WM-Specific CRM
Communication Plan Metrics
Core Systems Integration
Marketing Campaign Management
Pre-Fills from Core System
Pipeline Management
Relationship Management Tools
In-depth Reporting
Organization Profiling
Business Intelligence Tool
Relationship Action Planning
And more...

Trust Account Workflows

Fully customizable trust and wealth management workflows covering the full-life cycle of client operations.
Sales pipeline management
Account onboarding
Fee exceptions
Unique assets
Discretionary distributions
Activity tracking
Trade requests
Automated emails
Notification of death
Closed account
Interactive alerts
And more...

Compliance Workflows

Suite of fully customizable workflows to simplify compliance and risk management execution.
Client risk scoring
CIP/Client due diligence
AML screening
Administrative reviews
Reg 9 reviews
Multi-leveled approvals
Notification of death
Advanced intelligence reporting
And more...

Manager Dashboards

Full life-cycle Wealth Management workflows, from referrals to pipeline, fee exception approvals, sales management, account & client onboarding, custom incentive plans, and service tools to help you deliver value to clients.
Executive & Individual customizable dashboards
Sales pipelines
Assets under management
Top accounts by market value
Top product families
Recurring fees sold
Top referral sources
Closed account reasons
Top tasks performed
New accounts per month
And more...

Customizable workflows for wealth management

Simplify compliance execution and quickly implement new procedures with integrated workflows.
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Workflows for:
Unique assets
Fee exceptions
Discretionary distributions
Closed accounts
Sales onboarding
And more...

Flexible, swift, custom configurations

TNET FrontOffice is built on Java technologies for ultimate flexibility with unlimited configurations.

Phased Implementations

No consultants needed

No Installation Needed

Completely thin-client

Who uses TNET FrontOffice?

Bank trust departments use TNET to offer trust and agency services to the community. Typical departments will have a wide variety of accounts and asset types. While most bank trust departments use an omnibus custody structure, we can also work with offices that use individually registered custody accounts.

TNET provides reporting for clients, investment managers, the IRS and examiners.
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Trust companies could offer services to a broad range of account types but are often focused on certain narrower account types so they can be efficient and profitable. We work with some trust companies that use omnibus custody structure and others that use individually registered custody accounts.

TNET provides reporting for clients, investment managers, the IRS and examiners.
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Private fiduciaries typically use individually registered broker accounts, and build an automation to pull those transactions into TNET. The TNET statement can include a consolidation of broker activity as well as other assets owned by the trust, such as real estate, checking accounts and insurance policies.
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IRA companies that use TNET are usually focusing on alternative assets, where they can charge a reasonable fee to handle more complex services than a broker would be willing to do.

TNET provides reporting for clients, the IRS and compliance custodians. The software includes a lot of specialty features and safeguards specific to IRA accounts.
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Law offices that use TNET sometimes specialize in probate work, and sometimes are serving as a multi-family office. Custody is almost always with individually registered accounts.

TNET can import transactions from a daily data feed that comes from your custodian or broker, then produce an electronic reconciliation. Once the data is in the TNET database, it can be used for reporting to clients, courts and tax preparers.
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Accounting firms that use TNET normally have a special purpose such as accounting for Indian Tribes or preparing probate accountings.
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Special Needs Trust offices use TNET to write checks, account for fund balances, and prepare reporting for clients. Most special needs trust offices use a pooled fund approach with one or more pools, each account participating in only one fund.

TNET does the accounting for the pooled fund, writes checks, does bank reconciliation and prepares statements for clients.
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Guardianship offices use TNET to write checks and do bank reconciliation.

TNET keeps accounting records for each client and prepares statements.
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Family offices use TNET to keep accounting records for family members. Assets are typically held in individually registered broker accounts and sometimes in investment partnerships.

TNET handles the partnership accounting using a unitized valuation method, including nested partnerships, and prepares statements to consolidate multiple broker accounts and other assets.

For family offices that want software to prepare Balance Sheet and Income Statement reports in addition to a traditional trust statement, please see our TRUSTprocessor software.
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American Indian Tribes typically use a series of pooled funds to manage the funds that are in trust for minor children of the tribe.TNET handles the accounting for the pooled funds and prepares statements for each child.
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